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MFJ 1775 DIPOLE used in 2006

We also did a test with the new dipole from MFJ This antenne ( the 1775 ) is built for 6 bands. 2 / 6 / 10 / 15 / 20 and 40 mtr !! It's tuned, but this antenna will keep you busy for a few hours ;-).....

MFJ 1775
mfj 1775

Finally it's connected and the antenna is still on the trash can, we had a high swr but after a while it was tuned and ready to operate from the garden, I made a Qso with G7HVO on 7.070 mhz s9...

Finally there is some time to put the dipole (MFJ 1775) up into the tower, when the tower was down I saw that my Tonna antenna (145 mhz ) did have some damage because of the storm we have had a few days ago... In some pictures you can see that the Tonna is inflected.. Of course I resolved this small problem.

The Tonna antenna 145 mhz is back in line after the storm. This is why I stepped over to Cushcraft, the quality is much much better!

Finally the tower is ready and we put it up in the air where it belongs!

Well finally we can operate with the Mfj 1775, now after amount of weeks, I can tell you that the dipole is great!  The only problem you have is when it starts to rain or snow..., when the water is getting intouch with the open coils you have a big problem...


The total SWR is gone, not just a little bit, but 50 khz lower for every band!  (even a big challenge for some tuners). So radio friends be aware of this problem because if you live in a country with a lot of rain (like Holland) just forget it, 

I already replaced this dipole.

73's Jo

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