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Jersey 2017  

A team of four experienced operators

went to the island between May 5th and May 10th 2017 

Team members were:


On the boat after 800 km drive, from Holland to France.  Bob (PB5X) and Ron (PA3EWP) having a nap... 

The weather is bad, a lot of rain and wind when we arrive at Jersey

First to the guesthouse where we will 'sleep' during the Dxpedition.

The guesthouse is in front of the harbour, it is still strange to see no water in the harbour when you walk outsite...:-) The tide is huge!

Lets go the bunker where we will make a lot of contacts.

The bunker is also the clubstation of Jersey Island. Unpack the stations we brought with us. Radio's / Antenna's / amplifiers and so on...

After putting it all up and connect the radio's we are ready to rock!!

On behalf of the 2017 team on Jersey, we like to thank the 15.000 stations that we worked. Looking forward to meet from the home Qth or from the next Dxpedition. 73

Jersey 2010  

A team of six experienced operators

went to the island between june 29th and july 6th 2010 Team members were:


Operation was from the Jersey Amateur Radio Society at the old German signal station at La Moye.  Grid Locator : IN89ve - IOTA EU-013.












After a night drive to the ferry

the Dutch team arrived in MJ in the morning and started to build the station

Main focus was on 6 meter / 50 Mhz.

The team brought also HF and 2 meter stations.

Alex PA1AW and Jo PA9JO bussy with the 6 meter Yagi

We are glad to let you know that as a result of our search for support

the UKSMG have agreed to offer a 5 ELE TONNA as a loan to be kept in the safe hands of the Jersey Club.  

We like to thank the UKSMG for this support of our strive to esthablish long term 6 meter activity from Jersey after our DXpedition leaves the island. 





During the morning of July 5th the team started to take down most antenna's

as Tom GM4FDM and Gordon G3USR were about to leave with the afternoon ferry. The afternoon was well spent by the other team members getting in more qso's including another run on 6m to North America, one of the goals set for this DXpedition. 

July 5th, 2010 @ 16.00 UTC the team went QRT.  A few hours later the remining teammembers left the station to get a well deserved diner and good sleep to be ready for the early morning ferry to France and 800+ KM  drive home



The team wishes to thank you for working our




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