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STEPPIR install 2006

The first SteppIR installed in 2006
Unpack the box and start :-)
Tower hamradio

To adjust the first SteppIR was a great experience


Watch the different colors of the shafts with the gears in de Ehu's I explain this later​

It's getting dark, time to connect the Ehu's to the controller

Keep reading what to do with the wires and get something to eat.. Mmm Pizza ;-)

Next day we put up the tower and it all works great! Qso with W2YP s 9.15 in NY

We switch a few times from 20 to 10 meters and so on... THEN IT HAPPENED

After we took the tower down and look in the driven EHU, WE SEE?

Yes, the shaft is broken??..

This grey / white colored shaft material is to soft.. now they use the black colored, seems to be much stronger!!

Well, a new motor is on the way and I'am waiting for it...

We removed the old one all ready, the rest will follow....

This is NO fun.

After a few days we received a new motor, here are some pictures of putting it all together again...  Thx to PA7NL for the help!

A new motor with the black shaft this time ....

Get it all back where it belonged

I replaced the SteppIR motor and it all works fine now Pffff

Let's use it and see how it works..  Finally up and running for 100% !

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