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Second STEPPIR install 2013 

Pictures of the new SteppIR with the 30/40 trombone

Boxes arrived from Madrid, thanks to Mastil-Boom for the fast delivery!

The boom and element support tubes...

The boxes with the EHU's and the rubber boots to use on the radials and also double wall polyolefin heat shrink, much better than before with the tape!

The SDA 100 controller and something to read :-)

Also ordered the high wind units.

Some coffee and here we go....

The old SteppIR on the ground and the tower down...

So solid!

On the second day we are almost ready to put the new SteppIR into the tower, First put on the pole tips, also much better than before. The heat shrink works fine to connext the parts of the pole..

Thanks to Ray, PD9RAY and my small boy Tim for helping the second day with the heavy parts..

Ready to ' rock ' with the new antenna!

The second SteppIR after we put up the first in 2006!

Click for Pictures of my first SteppIR year 2006!

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