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First the Diamond CP-6, I think this is a nice antenna but to short for real dx! 


The next "problem" is that you can put only 200w into this antenna, the construction is oke with his own radials you don't have to use groundradials etc.. The bandwidth is small but you can get a good SWR on all the bands, only 80 mtr have a small problem because without a tuner you can't use the cp-6 at the SSB part. I think a great antenna for holiday use or just to start with, especially for amateurs without much space...Here are some pictures.

As you see a lot of traps...

I also tried the HY-GAIN AV-620


It is a big difference, no traps only stubs, this antenna also use his own radials. Also the power can get up to 1.5KW in this great performer. Problem here is that it is a real fragile antenna.You don't need guy wires till 80 mph (manual) but I started (look at the pictures) without, but after two days with some wind I thought it's much better to put the guywires on.... The bandwidth from this antenna is great! The manual needs some attention, take two days free from work to put this all together and tune it HI. ;-) I worked great DX in just a few days, I must say that I used 400w into this antenna. Here are the pictures.

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